Bursa Pharmacists Cooperative started to service in 1979 with 30 pharmacist partners lead by President of Bursa Chamber of Pharmacists Naci Dogan.

Since inception, BEK supported pharmacist partners to supply all legal pharmaceutical, otc products and medical products . Today, BEK has 3000 active partners, 6,5% market share and 300 million euro yeraly turnover; serves to its partners with over 1000 employes.

With the principle of sustainable service and occupational solidarity; BEK made successfull investments about insurance, tourism, education-consulting and technology, according to partners needs.

Afis Tur is a Travel Agency invested by BEK and serves for Pharmacist and connected occupational organizations.

Farmasigorta is a insurance company and serves through pharmacists needs.

Farmasyon serves private label products, unique pharmacy design and Information Technology and Software through occupational needs with over 50 employes.

Farmalojistik undartakes logistics and procurement activities of Pharmacist Cooperatives carried out in a planned way.

BEK, aims to create new sectoral fact about being cooperative; cares about education, occupational growth and participatory partnership by following Qualtiy Management System.

We manage evolution of our management phylosophy is set out by Total Quality Management, with innovational effect of EFQM Perfection Model on our management method and enableing quality as our way of life.

BEK is a member of Association of All Pharmacists Cooperatives